Three Factors Defining Our Industry Today

Anthony Floreano, Managing Director at Freeman (EMEA) shares what he believes to be three important drivers for future growth and success within the events world.

Now that there are more robust tools at our disposal to measure the success of events and exhibitions, companies are relying on our industry to build loyalty and advocacy among their target audiences. In a world of digital devices and 24/7 media saturation, brands want to cut through the clutter and engage with people in completely new and different ways. They are eager to differentiate themselves from the rest, which is great news for suppliers, organisers and venues alike.

This also means that we as an industry need to stay ahead of the curve and improve on the event experience and execution each and every time, in turn exceeding the expectations of our clients and their attendees.

Below are three practices that I believe our industry needs to embrace to enjoy continued prominence and success:

Prioritise Talent Growth and Development

Our people are central to all that we do at Freeman – we have hunted high and low for the very best talent, and it is these people who continue to define who we are today and who we will be tomorrow.

It’s important that our industry invests in its people by providing great training and personal development opportunities, so that they can be as successful in their jobs as possible. At the end of the day, we need to arm our people with everything they require to achieve their goals, so that our businesses can enjoy success too.

When it comes to recruitment, it’s a good idea to take more of a strategic approach and look outside the box, by considering a combination of industry veterans and people who might not have a background in the industry, as they’ll bring a fresh set of eyes to your business.


Demonstrate a Commitment to Continuous Innovation

In this industry we need to continue to be innovative and consider non-traditional approaches, as this is what will drive the visitor experience, creating memorable and measurable moments for attendees that will ultimately drive the loyalty and advocacy that we all strive for.

It’s about avoiding a cookie cutter approach and being more agile and adaptable. Consider the goals and requirements of each individual event you’re working on, and then look at how you can combine your company’s services, materials, technology and people to best meet these needs. By acting as an event’s true strategic partner, you’ll maximise its potential in the long term and enjoy ongoing relationships with your clients.

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Advocate for Health and Safety

The safety of our staff, exhibitors and attendees is fundamental to the operation of the Freeman business, and it should underpin all that we do as an industry – suppliers, organisers and venues all have an important part to play.

We are committed to leading the way with our health and safety processes, by investing in the latest equipment and innovations, and working with all partners to deliver events safely and successfully.

The world is in a constant state of change, and so too, are events, which means a cookie cutter approach cannot be applied here, either. It’s important to change up your health and safety approach in respect to an event’s sector or industry focus, venue type and location, brands exhibiting, speakers presenting and current global issues.


FreemanAbout the author, Anthony Floreano – Managing Director, Freeman (EMEA)

Anthony Floreano is Managing Director of Freeman’s exhibitions and events business in the UK, overseeing all aspects of the operation across the EMEA region.

With more than 25 years’ global events and hospitality experience gained from various leadership roles, Anthony joined Freeman’s UK business in July 2013, as Vice President and COO, leading the integration of the SO Group following its acquisition. Prior to that he spent seven years with Freeman’s Boston office as Vice President and General Manager.

In his role of Managing Director, Anthony manages a team of 200 employees based at the state-of-the-art headquarters in Ryton, Coventry, overseeing all aspects of the trade show marketing business for the EMEA region. Anthony began his career in the service industry as a dishwasher and has worked his way up through the ranks gaining as much hands on experience as possible. He is a big proponent of open communication, collaboration and commitment among his team, citing these three principles as the greatest ingredients to success.

When not working Anthony enjoys spending time with family and friends and supporting his favourite sports teams in the form of the Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox and Liverpool.

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