This man ran eight miles to spell out ‘Hire Me’ for his job application

Chasing down your ideal job can be tiring – but rarely does it lead to physically hitting the streets for an eight-mile jog around the city.

A man from San Francisco came up with a genius way to get the attention of a fitness-tracking app developer. Carefully planning his route, he used the app to track an eight-mile jog in the perfect shape of the words ‘Hire Me’ and attached the resulting map to his job application.

Dan Miller went the extra mile to secure a role at Strava – an app that allows users to track their running and cycling activity.

“I’m at a point in my career where I’m looking for an awesome company to work with,” Miller told ABC News.

“I’m so passionate about running already. It seemed like a good idea.”

A candidate that is dedicated, thinks differently and clearly has plenty of energy to spare – what more could an employer want?

Original source: HR Grapevine

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