tfconnect Partner with Explori to Help Exhibition Organisers Understand the Power of Employee Engagement

Insight specialists Explori, are well known across the exhibitions industry for their show performance benchmarks. Following successful projects with organisers and venues, they are now on the cusp of releasing the industry’s first ever set of benchmarks for employee engagement.

tfconnect have created an exclusive partnership with Explori because we believe industry specific benchmarks will benefit senior leaders and HR professionals, enabling them to understand their performance within the context of the wider market.

Working with tfconnect, Explori have identified key indicators on company culture, loyalty, advocacy and motivational factors. These are combined with bespoke metrics to help organisers understand what contributes to their team delivering the best possible experiences for exhibitors and visitors alike.

Explori’s Commercial Director Richard Kensett says: “There are some fascinating insights developing on how the overall satisfaction of team members correlates with exhibitor and visitor satisfaction and the growth of events. We are very close to releasing benchmarks which will be a valuable data source for participating clients. “

tfconnect are working in tandem with Explori to encourage the uptake of employee engagement benchmarks and look forward to the release of the findings.

Managing Director, Trevor Foley says: “Our involvement with Explori came from conversations with various clients who had undertaken employee engagement surveys but were unable to measure the results against other industry players. We are now just a couple of clients away from being able to issue an industry benchmark. Why not become one of those two companies to understand where your employees are and to contribute to the bigger picture? This benchmark can only help improve the outlook for the industry’s talent agenda.”

For more information or to learn how you can participate, contact Keri Lynn Duffy at


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