Runner Celebrates Early

Runner celebrates early and loses the race – don’t let this be you!

This young athlete will never forget the moment he let his ego get in the way of an easy win – and it makes for an excellent recruitment analogy! [Video below.]

A University of Oregon runner recently made the headlines after making the fatal mistake of celebrating before he had actually crossed the finish line!

Tanguy Pepiot looked as if he was home and dry until he became complacent and slowed to wave to the crowd. Washington runner, Meron Simon, spotted his opportunity and charged passed him, snatching the win.

It’s a real life re-telling of ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ and a striking example of how easy it is to get carried away when we’re on a roll – something that is worth bearing in mind, particularly when you’re a candidate in an interview process.

It’s heart-breaking when candidates receive positive feedback on their first or second interview and then lose the edge when it comes to the final push over the line. It’s never over until it’s over and even if you’ve aced the whole process so far, you need to turn up to the third interview even better prepared than you were for the first.

Confidence is a great trait to have – but resting on your laurels won’t send the right message to your prospective employer. Just maybe, there’ll be another candidate behind you, ready to make the sprint!

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