tfconnect Pathways: Kick-start your Career in the Events Industry

So…you want to work in Events?

The events industry is a vibrant, dynamic and friendly industry to work in and there are many opportunities for growth and development working all over the globe on consumer and business events alike. Want to be part of a team? Not afraid of hard work? Enjoy trying new things? Want to travel, meet loads of new people and work in a fun environment? Then you’re in the right place!

Check out this video created by the Association of Event Organisers (AEO) to get a feel for why Events is such an amazing industry to work in.

Your path to entry and mid-tier roles 

Although the Events industry is booming, it’s also experiencing a shortage of professionals and executives. We think the best approach to countering the skills shortage is to give career changers a chance to break into the Events industry using transferable skills. Previous experience within the industry is always a plus, but it is not an absolute must. OK…so you might not immediately be hired as an Event Manager, but the development opportunities in the industry are diverse and as far-reaching as you are!

For this reason we’ve launched tfconnect Pathways, a new initiative to invite fresh faces into the industry and to help those passionate about events and exhibitions to progress their careers.  See our Current Pathways Jobs and follow tfconnect Pathways for industry insight and job listings that will help you climb the ladder and progress through this fantastic industry.

Or, if you’re ready to accelerate your established Events career, take a look at our Global Events Vacancies and get on the road to your next adventure.


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