tfconnect has a long history of organising some of the highest-profile networking events for the global events industry.

Below are just a few of the past events that tfconnect have been involved with. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know about new projects.

tfconnect is best known for organising high-profile, fun and informal networking events for senior-level events players. The Global CEO Summit, in partnership with UFI, was the merger of two hugely successful events, the UFI CEO Forum and tfconnect’s Global Event Summit.

GCS brings together the biggest names in the worldwide Events Industry for top-quality networking, high-level content and entertainment, exclusively for board-level executives of global exhibition and event organising companies and venues.

Event Logistics Live (ELL) was a highly interactive, entertaining forum and the most valuable networking opportunity of the year for freight forwarders in the events industry.

For both trade association members and non-members, ELL was the chance for site agents to meet import/export agents, big players to meet smaller players, and to spend time with hundreds of other specialist freight forwarders from all over the world.

It occurred to us that the various HR Directors in our industry didn’t know their counterparts. The next question was – could they learn from one-another? The answer has been a resounding yes!

tfconnect has run regular quarterly HR Group meetings since 2014, where a core group of industry HR leaders have shaped the agenda to what’s top priority for them at the moment. Topics covered have included auto-enrolment implementation, staff retention rates, psychometric testing, internships, TUPE, Pay Structures, Employee Benefits Packages and much more.

tfconnect have now partnered with AEV, AEO and ESSA to extend the reach and scope of these group meetings to more HR professionals in the industry.