Matchmaking for EventProfs: Fall Back in Love with your Events Career

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. Find me a find, catch me a catch! Sound familiar? Apart from the fact that the line comes from the brilliant 1971 movie “Fiddler on the Roof”, where Topol is looking for a suitable husband for his daughter, matchmaking is really big business. Valentine’s Day generates around $19.6 billion in the US and around £650 million in the UK. That’s a lorra lorra love out there! And who among us isn’t looking for a job to love… and to hold?

Love what you do…or do what you love?

Having set our EventProf resolutions last month, if you’ve crashed and burned with those already (which puts you with the majority) it’s probably a good time to ask the question: ‘Do I still love my job?’ And please don’t settle for that mediocre feeling of satisfaction that we have learned to label as, ‘it’s okay’. I’m talking about the passion, the flames of desire, that drives you to get up in the morning, sustains you through the ups and downs and has you leaving work at the end of the day feeling your personal buzz-boxes have been fired up…and more.

Let’s remember, we are in a mutually binding and beneficial relationship with our employer. And if it’s not feeling that way, then divorce might already be looming. Like any relationship, it’s rarely smooth sailing and while you won’t want to jump overboard too quickly, in truth, you will already know if you’ve reached the end of the journey and need to move on. The affair has begun – you’re flirting with the idea of looking for a new job – does just imagining a new job count, or do you need to actually go for an interview? A mismatch will feel all kinds of awkward, anger and guilt rise up, and the stress is of the wrong kind for you to be able to achieve anything rewarding. The battle has begun.

Stress leads to disengagement, and in a short time you might even find you are on the ‘under-performing’ list. Denial and delaying the process of moving jobs doesn’t serve anyone. Fortunately, it’s a lot easier and less messy to move on from a job than it is a marriage! The question is, where to find the the job you love?

The risk of blind dates

We live in a world where you can quite literally find out anything you want. About a company you might want to work for, and they about you – the candidate! Social media has opened doors to a whole new world, where disclosure is prized – even if it is inaccurate. In a world where people can be poked by complete strangers, approached and propositioned by robots and any manner of things in between, how do you know who to speak to and what information to trust? And, first perceptions really count, right?

Perfect match: finding a job you truly love

As expert EventProf matchmakers we know our clients very well. We are trusted by them to introduce them to the best talent in the industry. We know their history, their strengths and weaknesses, the industry challenges and global influences, and we know the type of person that is going to thrive working with them. With almost all of our clients, we have placed senior level people in the organisation and we can answer any questions or concerns you might have.

We get to know you, too. We don’t just want to understand what makes you tick, or how to present your achievements in a meaningful way – those things are fundamental. We work with you and for you, to get you the visibility you need. It’s not just about getting a job, it’s about getting the right job, in an environment that brings out the best in your talents. Those subtle qualities we call cultural fit are more than that, and they are the very real difference between a happy marriage and one that ends up in the divorce courts.

Ask our Expert Eventprof Matchmakers

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. If you are looking to fill or find a role, what is there to lose by talking to us?

Why not work with our events career experts who can help broker the relationship. Because we are impartial, we ask the right questions. Yes, we want to fill the roles our clients need filling, but not at the cost of a mismatch. The cost to us, our reputation and any future business is at stake here, too.

Whether you are a client or candidate, with tfconnect you can be assured of a confidential service, honest feedback and a partnership arrangement. We will help you to find what you are looking for.

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