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Note: this job is advertised via Buying Diazepam In Mexico, a brand new job board showcasing exciting vacancies for creative and dynamic professionals keen to begin or progress their Events career!  Your application and CV will be sent directly to the hiring manager at our partner company. 

The Role:

Responsible for providing full administrative support as well as assisting with a variety of PR/Marketing activities relating to the preparation and staging of trade events. Internal contact to exhibition teams and external contact to agencies and media companies as and when needed.  In-house training will be provided.


  • Creating content for HTML templates and delivering promotional email shots
  • Copywriting promotional material
  • Production of newsletters
  • Assist with the production of sales support material and website
  • Database management
  • Brief designers
  • Liaising with media companies
  • Writing press releases
  • Proof-reading of sales material and other documents
  • Media Buying and Advertising Campaigns

Skills and qualifications:

  • Fluent German/English language skills (verbal & written communication)
  • PR/Marketing experience, especially writing (open mindedness for dealing with technical jargon);media and customer service experience is seen as nice to have
  • Professional MS Excel/Word skills; HTML and other mailing programs is seen as nice to have
  • Hands-on individual with a strong administrative flair and an eye for design
  • Proactive, well-organised, and independent style of work
  • Highly accurate with a strong sense of responsibility
  • 2+ years’ working in a similar role