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Note: this job is advertised via Buying Diazepam In Mexico, a brand new job board showcasing exciting vacancies for creative and dynamic professionals keen to progress their Events career!  Your application and CV will be sent directly to the hiring manager at our partner company. 

The Role:

Govnet is seeking a highly experienced Marketing Director to work across 4 business units which deliver bespoke training, small conferences, Confexes and content driven trade shows. Reporting to the CEO, this Exec level role will assume responsibility for the audience development and customer engagement strategies in the Public Sector and growing private sector products. With sole responsibility over the data, design and Event Exhibition marketing teams, a proven track record of team development and retention is a must.

The Company: 

GovNet is the UK’s leading events’ company for the Public Sector, running over 400 events per year ranging from exhibitions and summits to conferences, briefings and training courses. The business has around 160 staff based in offices in London, Manchester, Blackburn and Birmingham.

Since 1997, GovNet has consistently delivered innovative, thought-provoking and insightful events, all of which, to date, are specifically for the Public Sector. For two decades, we have provided unrivalled access to high quality and up-to-date information and have created a platform where leading industry experts, high-profile speakers and public sector employees can network, form partnerships and work towards a common goal.

Our company is a highly successful and profitable organisation and has been consistently in growth mode for some years. However, in order to take us to the next level, we are entering a positive period of transition and change in terms of culture, structure, process and product.

The Marketing Director role will have a close focus on these 4 key areas:

  • Audience: Ensure all team members have a clear, feasible plan to generate the required volume and quality of free visitor attendees and paying delegates to all events in their portfolios. This includes setting appropriate KPIs; helping the team shift to a more year-round content-driven approach to drive inbound queries and engagement; and tracking all results and spend against plan.
  • Exhibitors and sponsors: Ensure all team members have a clear, feasible plan to generate the required volume and revenues from exhibitors and sponsors to all events in their portfolios. This includes working closely with the sales team on a joint sales and marketing plan for exhibitors and sponsors, to include lead gen and conversion to sale for new customers; retention and rebook plans for existing customers; engagement post purchase to drive ROI at show; setting appropriate KPIs; tracking all results and spend against plan.
  • Data: Responsible for overall health of marketing database for visitors, delegates, exhibitors and sponsors, creating a data acquisition and maintenance plan that optimises the quality and engagement of database contacts for direct marketing. At the same time, work with teams to shift away from data contact building to organic acquisition through inbound marketing, e.g. content-driven search and social.
  • Technology: Ensure the marketing team has fit-for-purpose, high performing and cost effective technology, including CRM, CMS, email and automation, social media planning and monitoring, event websites, apps, and visitor registration systems.

Other responsibilities:

  • Guide product and proposition development and communication across divisions
  • Lead strategic initiatives around rebalancing marketing spend, customer experience and retention
  • Ongoing implementation of marketing processes and tools; development of team and capabilities
  • Create and implement with your team a digital transformation strategy that increase our channels to our communities.

Experience required:

  • Depth of expertise in digital marketing and of implementing CMS systems
  • Depth of expertise in data analytics and measuring marketing ROI at macro and micro level
  • Experience of large scale database segmentation, build and maintenance
  • Understanding of core principles of Brand and creating Brand value
  • Skilled in the lead generation process from the initial campaign right through to the sales prospects
  • Strong functional leadership skills
  • Depth of understanding of how to drive customer demand
  • Depth of understanding of the different marketing channels available and when/how to balance their use
  • Depth of knowledge of our customer base & our aspirational customer base and how to engage & to build loyalty

About you!

  • You will have experience as a Marketing Director, educated to Degree level and have an extensive marketing background.
  • Experience ideally in events or exhibitions however publishing and new media may also be relevant.
  • You need to have imagination and enthusiasm, an eye for trends and products but also be a clear thinker and good communicator.
  • You will spot trends, and constantly re-appraise all the marketing tools within the company to make sure they’re giving the company an advantage over its competitor.