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Note: this job is advertised via Buying Diazepam In Mexico, a brand new job board showcasing exciting vacancies for creative and dynamic professionals keen to begin or progress their Events career!  Your application and CV will be sent directly to the hiring manager at our partner company. 

The Role:

Our tfconnect Pathways partner are currently looking to recruit a fluent French-speaking Exhibition Assistant to provide full administrative support, assisting with all operational requirements relating to the preparation and staging of trade exhibitions. Strong administrative skills, high attention to detail, plus fluent is essential.

The Company:

The Mack Brooks Group are leading exhibition/trade fair organisers and publishers within a range of engineering, transport, textiles, trade and technical sectors, working internationally including in Europe, the USA, Japan & South-East Asia. Established in 1965 the company is privately owned, profitable and looking to expand its activities within media including exhibitions, publishing and the internet, by both new product and development and acquisition.

Key Tasks:

  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with French-speaking customers
  • Handling potential French-speakers customers, as well as general exhibitor and visitor requests
  • Database management
  • Administrative tasks
  • Market research / Monitoring of competitors’ activities
  • Liaising with internal departments
  • Proof reading and translation

Skills, Knowledge, Experience:

  • Fluent French-speaker, with excellent English
  • Proactive, responsive and able to work under pressure
  • Experience of working in an administrative or customer care role
  • Strong IT skills, in Word and Excel
  • Strong administrative skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Strong interpersonal and organisational skills
  • Ability to work to strict deadlines

The duties and responsibilities in this job description are intended to be indicative but not exhaustive of the responsibilities of the postholder. As Mack Brooks develops, the requirements of the job may develop and change. The postholder will be expected to adapt to these changes.