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£35000 – £40000 Per Annum

Ref: 1594

A fantastic opportunity for a proactive and driven marketing person to join the ‘Best UK Organiser Team’ [AEO Awards] and to progress their marketing career working on an award winning show.

The Event

An opportunity to join one of the world’s largest trade exhibition brands, with global events spanning across 16 countries. The current UK show has over 850 exhibitors across 5 halls in the NEC.

The Company

Working for one of the top 5 largest exhibition company in the world. The team comprises of 9 permanent employees, solely dedicated to this event. This means small company flexibility, with the strength, stability and positioning of a hugely strong brand and global business.

The Role Summary

Reporting to the Event Director, this role requires a driven and enthusiastic event marketing professional with high attention to detail, strong organisational skills and an excellent grasp of the full marketing mix. You must implement the marketing strategy and communication plan across all channels to deliver a strong campaign and meet the agreed visitor targets.

• Own and implement the (already developed) marketing strategy
• Manage the creation and the implementation of the marketing communication plans
• Project management of media partners and advertising planning
• Manage the copywriting for visitor promotion and exhibitor promotion for all print/digital

• Oversee website content management
• Manage social media and paid digital planning and activity
• Manage HTML email campaigns, copywriting through to delivery and results reporting
• Manage the direct mail campaign, from data to design and print
• Analysing and tracking data from website and visitor registrations
• Manage relationships with key suppliers, agencies (including design, PR and social) and

• Weekly reporting on campaign effectiveness against agreed KPIs
• Management of Marketing Executive

The Successful Candidate

An individual who is highly organised and has at least 3 years’ experience in a marketing role within the events sector. Someone who is highly adaptable, able to integrate fast, and learn new market dynamics quickly. They must be able to demonstrate how they can take ownership of the marketing strategy and plan immediately and focus on implementation and delivery, with a proven track record of success.

Essential Skills and Competencies
• Project management skills
• Practiced in managing all aspects of the full marketing mix
• Copywriting and proofing skills
• Strong analytical skills to interrogate data and draw conclusions
• Excellent written communication skills
• Interpersonal skills to develop relationships with media and press
• Highly organised, efficient, confident, outgoing, enthusiastic, collaborative
• Extremely high attention to detail
• Excellent digital skills

Desirable experience and knowledge:
• Essential experience: Must have delivered a trade exhibition marketing campaign before
• People management (staff, suppliers and agencies)
• 3-4 years in a similar marketing role
• 1 year of marketing management experience
• At least 1 year of people management experience
• Some experience with budget management is preferable


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