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£30000 – £40000 Per Annum

Ref: 1553

The Role:

As Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for creating and delivering creative, high impact, multichannel marketing campaigns to achieve target visitor numbers and ticket revenue. You will need to develop and implement marketing initiatives to support the exhibitor sales drive. You’ll also learn about the food, music and lifestyle markets, and liaise with key stakeholders including talent, media partners, sponsors, and exhibitors, as well as managing media buying and PR agencies.

The position is ideal for an experienced and agile Marketing Manager ready for an exciting new challenge, working with a proven festival format.


Key functions:

– Developing and delivering a marketing strategy that comprises comms plan, PR, digital and social media, media planning, advertising spend, creative briefing, cross promotions and more.

– Planning, managing and reporting on the marketing budget.

– Setting up a thorough ticket model, factoring in all elements to deliver accurate reporting on yields

– Monitoring and weekly reporting on ticket sales and revenue.

– Managing the creation and publication of all marketing material in line with marketing plans.

– Monitor effectiveness of marketing activity and adjust strategy accordingly.

– Working with the sales / sponsorship team to deliver contractual marketing obligations to sponsors and partners

– Prepare post-event marketing reports.

– Liaising with key talent and managing the approval process of communications with them.

– Managing suppliers, agencies and freelancers including design, PR, media buying.

– Develop and manage relationships with media partners with strategic goals in mind.

– Creating and implementing an exhibitor marketing campaign to help maximise those routes to market

– Manage Marketing Executive to help them achieve their personal goals and personal development targets.

– Working on site at events to deliver a seamless visitor experience.


Skills and attributes:

As Marketing Manager for the portfolio, the successful candidate should possess the following attributes:

– Excellent knowledge and practical experience of marketing events and successful delivery of projects. Experience within the events, music or food industries are highly desirable.

– Strategic thinker, with proven record of delivering targets.

– Excellent research and analytical skills.

– Team player with strong interpersonal skills, excellent communicator.

– Ability to prioritise workload and work to tight deadlines

– Excellent organisational skills and attention to detail

– Good with numbers and spreadsheets.

– Confident and creative copywriting with proven success across website and email

– Creating content for social media channels, scheduling posts and creating content calendars

– Use of CMS, EMS, Excel, Photoshop, PowerPoint


This is an excellent opportunity for a driven and confident marketer keen to develop their skills and work as part of a successful, fun team to deliver a truly exciting event.