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£24000 – £26000 Per Annum

Ref: 1528

The Role – 12 Month Contract

Life science events teams – are seeking a Marketing Executive to join their very exciting and fast growing portfolio. It is a specialist in the organisation of partnering events for the Advanced Therapies sector (cell, gene and immunotherapy).

Our events occupy a unique, market leading position in Europe (London), America (Miami) and China (Shanghai) providing business critical insight to a global network of pharma, biotech, healthcare, academic and investment organisations via a range of special interest groups, trade missions, conferences and large scale events.  In 2018, a digital platform was also launched that connects the industry 365.

Over the last 15 years, we have a successful track record of delivering events that enable individuals and businesses to share ideas, develop partnerships, conduct transactions, network and ultimately improve medicine which will benefit millions of patients. Our philosophy is simple – to deliver the ultimate in strategic knowledge exchange and networking through flawless, personalised service.

The opportunity

An opportunity has arisen for a highly motivated and experienced events marketer to join as a Marketing Executive. The successful candidate will be responsible for planning and delivering cross-channel marketing campaigns for our award-winning conferences and digital platform. This is a challenging but rewarding role and the chosen candidate must be able to work independently and have the confidence to deputise for the Marketing Manager when required.  

As an experienced, creative and commercially driven marketer, you’ll immediately be sat in the driving seat to lead on the planning and execution of large campaigns in order to drive qualified leads and hit revenue targets.

This is a rare opportunity to join an ambitious team with an ethos on building success through collaboration with each other, customers and wider stakeholders


  • Plan and deliver multi-channel marketing plans and schedules for several smaller events as well as specific streams of our flagship event, ensuring commercial targets are met and campaigns are delivered within budget
  • Set, communicate and maintain timelines and priorities on projects within your remit
  • Be responsible for growing the number of subscribers to our content portal utilising all channels (including cross promotion) and paying particular attention to how to maximise the conversion of visitors to the site to subscribers
  • Undertake on-going analysis and evaluation of marketing campaign effectiveness (all channels) and make recommendations to improve performance. To provide weekly updates on key metrics to the Marketing Manager and propose new initiatives to extend the reach of the events
  • Undertake detailed post event campaign/channel analysis of the entire marketing cycle and provide insights to inform future campaigns
  • Manage and monitor budget trackers, keeping cost details up to date and feed into the budget setting process
  • Undertaking data selections and segmentation of data to ensure relevant and targeted communications and using the functionality of the marketing automation platform to maximum effect to increase engagement and ultimately maximise revenue generation/leads
  • Embrace and apply best practise A/B testing in all campaigns to continuously drive improvement
  • To generate the required number of Marketing Qualified Leads for both the Spex team and Delegate Sales team
  • Drive online traffic using the full range of digital channels (SEO, SEM, PPC, social media, retargeting/remarketing) to deliver new contacts to add to our database and to enhance the online presence of the business
  • Write flawless copy for campaign email communications ensuring that the message/content is relevant to the audience and that the tone of voice is used. To co-ordinate amendments and final proofing prior to send
  • To work with the Marketing Manager to define the site map and key content for all websites at the outset of the campaign, support in writing copy, and thereafter to ensure event websites are fully up to date, on message and on brand
  • Support the Marketing Manager/Event Manager(s) in establishing and managing relationships and deliverables with key media and association partners to secure valuable external promotions for the conferences and a win-win ‘partnership based’ outcome
  • Brief and co-ordinate supplier agencies to initiate print production and delivery of marketing collateral
  • Responsible for onsite filming and photography including writing briefs and co-ordinating onsite schedules
  • Keep on top of industry trends and developments to better understand our audiences and create more effective campaigns and collateral
  • Management of the registration process, from initial brief, setup, sign off and on-going amendments/ trouble-shooting

Knowledge and skills

  • A proven track record of implementing successful marketing communications campaigns and a proven track record in B2B conferences
  • In-depth knowledge of both on- and off-line marketing
  • Sound knowledge of digital marketing practices and channels such as Google Analytics, SEO, PPC and social media
  • Strong copy writing skills, and ability to adapt messages for the audience and use appropriate tone of voice, are essential
  • Strong analytical skills to interrogate data and be able draw conclusions and insights
  • Experience using marketing automation and CRM systems (preferably Pardot and Salesforce).
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Life sciences experience would be preferred, but not essential

Personal attributes

  • Enthusiastic and confident attitude with a problem-solving approach to tasks
  • Exemplary verbal and written English
  • Highly organised and capable of multi-tasking
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritise tasks and meet deadlines
  • Excellent interpersonal and strong communication skills with an ability to contribute in a collaborative team environment
  • Commercially minded and motivated to exceed targets
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Analytical and able to draw conclusions and make recommendations
  • Self-motivated and determined with a strong sense of personal accountability
  • Calm under pressure, ensuring deadlines are met
  • A proactive thinker and implementer with a “can do” approach to work and who uses initiative