How Mack Brooks is Building Cultural Bridges with Microsoft Yammer

If you’re not already using some kind of company-wide communication tool – it’s probably because it’s hard to find the right option for your business. There are too many providers – in the cloud, on your server, in an app – all claiming to revolutionise the efficiency of your business and the way in which you communicate. After a while it becomes impossible to tell your Trello from your Wrike and your Slack from your BaseCamp.

What really helps is to see a solid use case where a business in the industry is seeing a tangible benefit of using one particular software service. That’s certainly the case with Mack Brooks and their experience in using Microsoft’s ‘Yammer’ platform to bring their organisation closer together.

A Social Media Platform for Business

As Monika Romaslowska, HR Manager at Mack Brooks explains, “Yammer is a social media platform for companies. Something similar to Twitter or Facebook but used within a company, mainly for work purposes.”

“We were implementing an intranet at Mack Brooks based on Office 365 and Yammer is also part of Office 365, so it was a natural decision to include it in our intranet home page. But also the reasoning behind it was to improve communication within the company, create a common space for all employees to share some ideas, knowledge and bring various departments together on one platform.”

It’s a small world after all

Mack Brooks employs 150 employees across the world and has the challenge of operating out of multiple international locations. Monika says, “We wanted to change a “silos” culture, where different departments don’t know what other teams are doing, especially because we have 3 overseas offices.”

“We introduced Yammer in December 2017. After only a few months of using it, employees from different locations and teams are sharing their thoughts, ideas and what’s happening in their department – and others are reading and commenting. There are also some informal posts which create a sense of team spirit.”

“At first, we didn’t know if the Chinese and Thai office would actively engage, but after a while they joined Yammer and started to share what was happening there and they are quite active now. We estimate that roughly 80% of staff are using Yammer in total – some are more active than others. Stephen, our chairman, is using Yammer from time to time. Other directors also use it in order to ‘role model’ and set an example.”

“One Mack Brooks”

“We try to channel some communication which would normally be done via email, to Yammer – in some instances this is done purposefully to promote using the platform. I think the main positive outcome is improved communication and creating a sense of “one Mack Brooks” where people can feel part of something bigger and look beyond their own team.“

“I would like to see Yammer develop and become embedded it into Mack Brooks culture, in how we communicate and how we can learn about other parts of the company. I would like to see more people actively using it and I hope it will become a widely used tool of communication.”

If I had a Yammer…

If you face similar challenges within your business, the good news is that Yammer is low-cost and extremely easy to implement. In fact, you may already have it if you’re using an Office 365 subscription model within your business.

If you’ve had either a positive or negative experience using this or a similar platform – we’d love to hear from you! Happy Yammering.

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