Chris Hughes at The Global CEO Summit 2015

Holographic Chris Hughes interviewed by… Chris Hughes!

From UFI / tfconnect’s Global CEO Summit in January. Chris Hughes, Brand Events talks to himself onstage as he conducts a full interview with his holographic doppelgänger.

Warning, NSFW: The following contains strong language and humour that some may find offensive.

Hughes took to the stage to “introduce himself” part of the way through the gala dinner at GCS – UFI and tfconnect’s joint Summit for events industry CEOs. Having pre-recorded one half of the conversation in the run-up to the event, Hughes and life-size, ethereal, holographic Hughes, discussed a range of topics around his views on the industry and his own business.

Of course, the conversation leaned heavily on Chris’ unique and highly offensive sense of humour, with the session eventually culminating in a surreal two-man performance of the William Tell Overture.

The weird and wonderful double-act was facilitated by Musion, the same hologram technology responsible for bringing late rapper, Tupac Shakur, back to life at Coachella in 2012.

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