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Event Organisers

Cover for you, your exhibitors and your delegates

tfconnect has a long-standing partnership with exhibition insurance specialists, InEvexco – delivering multi-faceted, rewarding insurance products to organisers based in the UK.

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Cover for your exhibitors, your delegates and you!

Protect Your Income

Reduce your exposure to unforeseen loss.

Add Value for Exhibitors

Save your exhibitors time and money.

For Your Exhibitors

How much money are your exhibitors spending with a third-party insurance provider?

InEvexco can arrange an insurance facility and insurance support service that will protect all of your exhibitors, while still giving the exhibitor the opportunity to ‘opt-out’ if their own insurance is adequate.

Because of the multiples involved, exhibitors will get a better rate for their insurance, compared to the cost of similar insurance* saving your customers money and protecting their interests. The charge for this service can then be incorporated into an overall fee alongside the cost of your exhibitors' stand space.

This means if their participation in the event is affected by an insured risk, they’re not left out-of-pocket and you’re not left with a hole in your show’s revenue!

This will:

  • Save you and your exhibitors time and hassle
  • Protect your exhibitors
  • Help your sales team to sell stands on the basis of peace-of-mind, particularly for SMEs
  • Help you to provide a better service and experience for your exhibitors

For Your Delegates

Wouldn’t it be great to promise your delegates a full refund on their delegate place if disaster strikes, without having to pay out yourself?

InEvexco have a new product that will protect your delegates against cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances without damaging your conference revenue.

Because you’re buying the product in bulk, the cost per delegate is kept incredibly low. The charge for this service can be incorporated into an overall rate alongside your delegate fee.

This will:

  • Protect your delegates from expensive cancellation terms
  • Encourage your attendees to book by providing peace of mind

For You, the Organiser

With their many years’ experience providing insurance to event organisers of all shapes and sizes, it’s well worth speaking to InEvexco about the needs of your business. Whether you need insurance for a large-scale one-off show or a schedule of various events across the world, you can tailor your insurance protection to meet your specific requirements.

We work with InEvexco because of their huge levels of organsier and exhibitor support. You’ll find competitive premiums and enjoy the service and support only a specialised broker can give, while ensuring you don’t compromise the cover you need to protect your event and its financial success.

Combine your policy with one or more of the products above for further discounts on their competitive premiums.

*Online market research comparison carried out 2.10.14

Exhibitor cover under this scheme is normally only available for Organisers with a total of 500 exhibitors or more (smaller numbers will be considered on a case by case basis).

Delegate cover under this scheme is normally only available for Organisers with a total of 1,000 delegates or more (smaller numbers will be considered on a case by case basis).

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