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Are You Falling Into This Graduate Job-Hunting Trap?

I previously mentioned the graduate recruitment project we undertook with Brand Events and I suggested a ‘sting in the tail’!

Of the 46 that applied by email we decided to follow up with 20 applicants. Each chosen applicant was emailed and telephoned. Come the day before the shortlist deadline, a cool THIRTEEN graduates had not responded to the follow-up call or email!

While my instinct was to say “F*** ‘em”, the scale of the problem intrigued me. Having teenage children myself, I suggested that we text the 13 – within minutes, 5 had responded!

So, despite applying by email and knowing that there was a short time-scale involved, the graduates concerned had not checked their emails for responses. Moreover, they ignored the phone call AND clearly didn’t check the voicemail.


What to make of it? Well, I can’t get round thinking it is bizarre to apply for a job by email and not check whether or not your application has been successful.

While I’m sure any capable graduate will curse as they read this – to me, it clearly demonstrates a gulf in communication between these graduates and what is required for business. For all their knowledge of the digital world – is this a life skill in which Millennials are lacking?


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