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300 charity films began the process… 50,000 members of the public voted… And now, the finalists have been announced… The Charity Film Awards expert judges have trimmed the shortlist to a small list of finalists, and we are absolutely over the moon to say that ‘Events for Namuwongo – The Work’ is one of them!

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Insight specialists Explori, are well known across the exhibitions industry for their show performance benchmarks. Following successful projects with organisers and venues, they are now on the cusp of releasing the industry’s first ever set of benchmarks for employee engagement. tfconnect have created an exclusive partnership with Explori because we believe industry specific benchmarks will

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The AEO Conference returned to Brighton on 6-7 September covering the theme ‘Technology – Artificial or Reality?’ Hailed as the definitive business networking forum for senior exhibition organisers, the two-day conference was chaired by leading technology journalist and ‘The Gadget Show’ presenter Georgie Barrat and delivered sessions highlighting how technology can transform events for both

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The UK Events Industry Board Talent Taskforce has launched a research survey that will assess how the sector attracts, develops and retains its talent. In support of the Government’s Business Visits and Events strategy, the research will examine current skills, training and education and HR processes. It will provide recommendations to the Events Industry Board

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