International Paper Trail

An International Paper Trail

We like telling stories that span the globe and the following is a perfect, short and sweet example of how being globally connected works for us.

A few months back, an industry friend of mine who runs a venue in the UAE had a meeting with a client in Paris. He pointed the CEO of the Parisian business to tfconnect in London because they mentioned that they needed to recruit a Business Development Director… in North America!

Christina Stuttard – our recruitment consultant based in New York, quickly found the right candidate, who started earlier this month.

So… that’s a venue in the Middle East helping a French company find a candidate in the US via a UK based service!

Does this kind of recruitment challenge exist within your business? We have some seriously good international talent looking for a variety of new global challenges – so let’s talk!

Contact or call +44 (0)1442 289 929.

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