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From learning of the opportunity to receiving an offer took around three to four weeks. I really appreciate everything and I’m loving it here.

“We came to tfconnect for a Business Development Director, and the result has been perfect for us. I’d go as far as to say that this has turned out to be the best sales role hire I’ve ever made! Thank you, tfconnect!”

InEvexco have been providing Telegraph Events with insurance services since their inception and the level of service and attentiveness we have received has been unsurpassed. Their specialist knowledge of the needs and requirements of the Events Industry is second to none, which coupled with their enthusiasm and conscientiousness has made them a pleasure to work with.

I have been approached by multiple recruiters and I can safely say that Jon is by far the best in my experience. He is very detailed in his approach and provided all the relevant information which helped me immensely in making up my mind. During entire process he was very helpful and understanding, always prompt with follow ups and kept me updated on status. Thanks again, Jon, and I wish you all the best for the future.

tfconnect listened to what I was looking for, didn’t waste my time with inappropriate vacancies and placed me with exactly the right company…

When you find yourself on a pathway looking for a new career direction, finding a great headhunter is part of that journey. Mike is a diamond out there! Mike really has your back and finds you opportunities like no one else. But not only that, Mike keeps checking on you over various periods, to ensure that everything is still going well. Mike is not only a top top recruiter, he is an incredible guy to know and work with! I recommend him to all who are looking at advancing their career or looking at recruiting the gems out there.

Thanks for all your help this year. Your informality makes your business a pleasure to work with…

Mike is highly proactive, detail conscious and very caring. A bit of a strange thing to say about a recruitment specialist, I know, but throughout the process of working with him he was just there with me on the journey and then for some time after would check in to make sure all was well. If you are looking for your next challenge in the world of exhibitions and events, then I would recommend that you get in touch with Mike; his enthusiasm is infectious and his connections seem limitless. This is, after all, very much a people business and this gentleman is a great person to have in your corner. Thanks Mike!

If you’re looking for a role in exhibitions and events, this is who you come to!

What can I say about Jon? I met him at a time I needed to make a monumental change in my life and career. At no point did he ever try to push me down a path that wasn’t right for me. He was super patient and transparent throughout the entire process and as a result has got me a job that has enabled me to change my whole life. He did loads of hand holding, chasing up and sense checking with me and I’m grateful for the care he showed me as a candidate. As I recall, he once also put up with a teary rant! I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with him and I’d like to think of him as more of a pal now. Trust Jon with your next career move, if he can’t help he will say so up front and if he can then, that’s wonderful right?

Great service. Helpful and informative. Mike Frost was very professional to deal with.

I would highly recommend Jon to anyone looking for a new role. My process was quite a complicated and long affair, but even so Jon’s professionalism and hard work, with myself and my prospective employer, ensured a positive outcome.

The process was effective and fast. I would recommend tfconnect.

Having worked with several recruitment agencies in the past couple of years, I have found tfconnect to be very professional, providing useful, personalised advice and linked with a good network of companies.

Owen Mills stands out. His approach to recruiting, client and company research, coupled with effective communication are quite simply superb. He will never tell you what you want to hear if it is not what you need to hear. I would wholeheartedly recommend him and tfconnect on every level.

Trevor is a very exceptional person who really has a gift to connect people and he is doing it professionally, with a smile. He’s a good hand for selecting interesting people.

The team at tfconnect have delivered at every level, advice, tactics and candidate delivery. They have been a joy to work with.

Very professional and hugely supportive.

Trevor Foley needs no introduction in the expo world, and it’s easy to see the strengths he brings to the agency, which combine to produce a quality approach to matching senior execs to the right organisations.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Jon. I was impressed with how professional and supportive he was and with the amount of time he dedicated to me. I was coached and prepared for every interview, received lots of valuable advice and continuous feedback. I just felt in the right hands and as a result I got the job I wanted.

I was recommended to try tfconnect by a senior member of the global event industry and immediately it was a refreshing experience! Being managed by Tim Rusbridge and others in the team has been a pleasure and I would happily recommend them to both recruiters and candidates for the efficient and friendly service they provide.

We approached tfconnect from the US to find us a business development resource support in Europe. We were blown away by the quality of candidates that tfconnect put in front of us for what was a difficult brief. Support was proactive and the quality of service excellent, with tfconnect staff operating as a true partner / extension of our team.

We used tfconnect to headhunt a new business leader in an overseas territory. It was a positive experience – the tfc team were great at unearthing good candidates quickly and efficiently and we successfully filled the position. Give them a try!

tfconnect are far and away the nicest and most professional [recruiters] to deal with. Will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know so keep up the good work!

I am extremely impressed with the way the team at tfconnect have dealt with my job search. And a special thank you to Natasha Layal, she was very thorough during the full process, which has resulted in me being placed in front of the perfect opportunities that match my character, skill set and experience. I have dealt with many agencies around the world throughout my career and genuinely haven’t come across anyone that has worked to such a high standard.

Jon has been an absolute rockstar of a recruiter in helping me secure my latest role in my career progression. I had the pleasure of working with Jon when a mutual friend introduced us in regards to a vacancy that he had. In comparison to other recruiters that I’ve used in the past I felt that Jon was extremely dedicated, with great knowledge about the events industry. From our first conversation all the way through to securing me an offer, Jon was always extremely helpful, transparent and positive. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a job in the events industry.

I was very impressed with quality of candidates that tfconnect sent my way. Having done a significant amount of hiring, my experience is that recruiting firms take some time to “get it right” as far as the type of people I was looking for. If this is the beginning, I look forward to many more collaborations with tfconnect.

Jon was extremely supportive in helping me find my new position. He didn’t waste my time by sending me roles which weren’t right for me, and he took the time to really find out what I was looking for in my career. It is clear that he is truly invested in his candidates. He coached me from my pre-interview wobbles through how to hand in my notice and even kept in touch in once I started my new job – a level of service I never experienced from another recruiter. If you are looking for your next step in the event industry, give him a call!

Thank you so much for your professionalism and good humour. You are truly a talented recruiter and I enjoyed working with you very much.

I would highly recommend Jon to any candidate looking to secure a new role within the events sector. Jon is reliable and shows a genuine interest in candidates and the whole event sector and it has been a pleasure getting to know him.

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