What’s On The Market for Event Marketers?



Marketers are using more touch points than ever to stay in touch with their customers

In September, Adobe completed an analysis of more than 1.3tn web pages across 10,000+ websites in Europe and North America. The results showed that we’re now living in a world where touch-points are constantly changing and marketers may need to be more fluid in their approach, rather than executing channel-by-channel.

Trying to orchestrate all marketing efforts across online and offline channels is no mean feat when you’re dealing with reams of show data and fancy tracking tech. In fact, event data is such a big issue that tfconnect has recently started working with exhibition organsiers to enhance data and turn it into strategy and revenue (read about tfconnect data insights here)


Customer experience is pushing its way to the top of marketers’ priorities

Our industry has been hot on customer experience for some time but the big prizes come with mapping the entire customer journey, from first awareness of the brand right up to the show and beyond! Many businesses are starting to tie spend and ROI to customer experience, placing greater importance on feedback metrics such as Net Promoter Score.

Great marketers with a blend of digital and live skills have some fantastic opportunities available to them

We’ve seen an explosion of demand recently for marketing talent across exhibitions and conferences. Particularly sought after are marketers with in-depth experience around digital content and building online communities.

What we’re looking for…

Marketers(!) of all shapes and sizes from all kinds of events of media related backgrounds. We’re currently working on some really exciting marketing roles – the majority of which are offering between £25,000 – £40,000 across London, Jakarta, Amsterdam and Singapore. If you’re interested in having an informal, confidential chat – get in touch or register online for personalised job alerts around new event marketing roles.

Take a look at all of our current events marketing vacancies.

Alternatively, if you know someone who may be interested in the above, you can earn up to £500 in vouchers as a ‘thank you’ for referring a successful candidate to us. Let’s speak soon!


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