What’s Hot? Four interesting talent trends for June

What’s hot in June… besides the weather?

High Demand for #Eventprofs with a Consumer Events Background

The height of the live and consumer events season is well and truly upon us (here in the UK at least). If you’ve spent the past few weeks rushing around, ensuring that your exhibitors, sponsors and visitors will be amazed and delighted by a fantastic live experience – cheers to you! If you have any stories of last-minute heroism or heroinism, we’d love to hear about them.

However, all show cycles must come to an end and perhaps you’re thinking about opening a different set of doors to the public this time next year?

tfconnect are currently working with one of the most exciting organisers of award-winning consumer shows on the planet – they’re doing really cutting-edge things and working with some gargantuan brands. While you might spot a few of the available positions on our job board, we have a general mandate to collect, qualify and introduce the crème-de-la-crème of consumer exhibitions talent across Sales, Marketing, Event Management and more senior commercial positions.

If you’re in the London area and feel it’s time to make a move – let’s talk.

Content is King

Are you an expert in all things conference and content? Perhaps you have a background in a particular sector and have a huge address book of sponsors and / or speakers at your disposal?

Conference and trade show organisers are competing with an increasing number of digital channels for the budget and attention of their sponsors and delegates. As a result, organisers are looking for individuals who understand a) the value of developing year-round communities and b) how to create real and tangible value for sponsors, delegates and exhibitors.

We’re currently working with some stand-out conference and B2B organisers including Sponsorship Manager, Marketing Director and Conference Director positions.

How well do you know your Events Martech?

New toys are one of an event marketer’s favourite things – however, there’s arguably too much choice and it’s not always easy for tech brands to cut through the noise.

One such business is making huge waves with exhibition organisers in the UK and the US with its revolutionary offering and is set to expand its influence across Europe. All it needs is the right person to drive its strategy forward – and the potential rewards are enormous!

If you have a black book of industry contacts and a brain that ‘gets’ martech – that’s a great start. If you can speak French or German too – even better! Take a look at the Business Development Manager role on our job board.

tfconnect Client? We want to champion your show brands!

As a talent partner – we’re speaking to scores of people every day who may not yet be familiar with your business or your show brands. We’re talking in detail about your achievements, your culture and the type of people you have (and want) within your business.

However, they say a picture speaks a thousand words and we’re happy to take things a step further in promoting your employer brand and your shows. All we need is your content!

The beauty of this is that you needn’t spend any time generating this content – all we need are photos, videos, press releases, articles, etc. that you’ve already created to market your shows. Let us repurpose your content and we’ll use it to champion your employer brand – driving additional interest in your business and in the industry as a whole to prospective candidates.

If this sounds interesting – let us know when you’re available to speak or put us in touch with the right member of your Marketing team and we’ll take it from there.

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