What’s hot for April? Six exciting talent trends we’ve seen this month

There’s always more than meets the eye

Plenty of tfconnect’s roles are advertised on our website for the world to see. However, as a ‘search and select’ events talent business, this is only a small part of what we do.

We’re always working on much more than we’re able to advertise and we’d like to share some of what’s hot right now in our world. There’s plenty here – so let us know if something takes your interest or is relevant for someone you know.

Opportunities in the USA for Show / Brand Directors on Large-Scale Expos

It may not prove to be the smoothest ride for US organisers this year – with more than half of US participants for UFI’s 2017 Global Barometer expressing some concern for political turbulence.

Despite this, the US industry is expecting a growth period and there have been several recent big acquisitions, particularly in the traditional expo space – which makes it a great time and place to be an ED! Multiple businesses across the pond are on the lookout for Show Directors / Brand Directors via tfconnect right now – particularly on the East Coast. For example – this Show Director position, offering $120k – $150k.

Global venues may also enjoy more business from US organisers in the near future – with enablers like TSE’s Global Direct hosted-buyer event.


You Only Love Me for my Events Address Book

It’s all about relationships in this industry, particularly for some industry contractors who say “it’s the size that counts” when it comes to hiring Business Development leaders with big address books.

If you’re a Business Development Manager, or a Senior Sales professional with really strong ties in the industry, we know a few people that would probably like to buy you a coffee… or perhaps something stronger. Take a look at this Business Development position for a global Freight Forwarder.

Data Scientists Assemble!

The industry is surging forward in its ambition for digital innovation… but sometimes it doesn’t seem quite sure how to get what it wants by the looks of jwc’s 2016 Global Exhibition Industry Survey.

However, the answer is soon to become clearer to the savvy organisers that are on the lookout for data scientists and marketers with strong background in transforming data into business intelligence and new revenue. It’s an area tfconnect are particularly interested in – watch this space for plenty more on the subject. In the meantime, let us know if you’re also looking to hire data experts!

Never overlook a brilliant FD, CFO and HR Director

Some of the closest relationships we have in the industry are with its Finance and HR Directors – and we do know some geniuses in these areas.

Really strong HR Directors and FD’s can be the backbone of a great business. There are currently opportunities for HR Directors and potential positions for FD’s within large-scale events businesses in London via tfconnect.

Potential opportunities across jewellery and retail B2B shows

Sectors in particular demand right now include retail and jewellery within the UK  -particularly in the North-West. These positions are across the board, including Sales, Marketing and Operations.

These markets are competitive and a strong understanding of the exhibitor base within these sectors is highly advantageous. Salaries start from £30,000 per year upwards but aren’t advertised. You’ll need to get in touch.


Vacancies so hot… they don’t even exist!

Finally, what you might not realise about tfconnect is that many of the projects we work on are entirely speculative – meaning that there is no job description, we’re simply trusted by many of our clients to field heavily qualified applicants where there’s a match to the business. This is a great way to ‘passively’ access your next role and it’s becoming a preferred method of introduction for some of our senior candidates. Why not give it a try? Just let us know that you’re interested.

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