Traditional vs Advocate Marketing

Event marketers aren’t seeing the results they’d like from their social media efforts, according to a recent article from our friends at InGo.

While social is one of the fastest growing items on our budgets, as low as 21% of event marketers would describe their social strategy as ‘effective’ – and the perceived ROI of social is second only to good old print advertising.

It could be that a fresh approach is needed to take advantage of the unique opportunity that social has to offer. InGo suggest thinking of your social media audience as personal marketers themselves, looking to connect with others.

This infographic details how and why sparking social advocacy and word-of-mouth can be far more powerful than a ‘blunt force’ approach to driving clicks on social platforms.

Need to know how it’s done? Take a look at our previous article on how InGo’s software can multiply your attendees by turning them into advocates.

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