Three letters that can help when a break up between business and employer is on the horizon… CDE.

Do you like an acronym? How about this one… CDE?

A key role played by tfconnect with both clients and candidates is one helping businesses and individuals in a timely manner to put an end to or avert the pain, emotion (and loss of money) associated with a break up or breakdown in a work relationship.

What do we mean? Where a business has ‘outgrown’ an employee or the employee has outgrown the company, tfconnect specialises in CDE… Career Development Elsewhere!

There are positive and negative reasons for the need for some CDE, but perhaps surprisingly, for the most part there are many positives.

Here are two examples –

  1. A CEO tells me that the relationship has broken down between his MD and a Senior Show Director of a large international B2B portfolio, who has been with the business for x number of years. This is largely because the vertical sector portfolio has grown beyond the capabilities of the otherwise very capable and hardworking Director. There are now simply too many balls to juggle. Conversations result in tfconnect meeting the individual. We discuss some options that fit the skillsets, and a year on that individual is working happily on a smaller portfolio of B2C events and the client is a very happy with their new Show Director!
  2. An FD calls me to tell me that his deputy is too good to remain as a deputy. The FD cares about the development of his team but there is a glass ceiling! The individual loves the events industry and wants to stay within it – of course! 🙂

tfconnect works openly with all parties to find a solution that works for all

This allows the client to plan for a replacement, rather than having to do it in a rush when the deputy ‘suddenly’ hands in their notice.

There are many, many more examples. Feel free to discuss with tfconnect how we can help you remove a ‘block’ in your business in a way that genuinely benefits everyone.

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