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This small improvement to your event website will also protect your brand

For those of you who aren’t web geeks like me – here’s a little tip that will certainly be of interest to your marketing manager or anyone in charge of web presence for an events business.

You will be familiar with traditional web addresses – you just pick your domain name and stick .com on the end of it. And if you don’t like .com or it’s not available, you can pick an alternative such as .net or .org – or a local country option such as or .de and so on.


These suffixes are called ‘global Top Level Domains’ and there were a grand total of 22 gTLDs launched between 1985 and 2012, making things on the web nice and simple.

However, the times they are a-changing and now a whopping 617 new gTLDs have been scheduled for launch between 2013 and 2015. These are specific phrases which will allow people to have relevant, shorter web addresses such as – WITHOUT the “dot com” or “dot co dot uk”.

How does this impact you? Because the suffix .events is up for grabs as of 11th June. This means there’s now an opportunity for your business to use as its primary web address. It’s a bit of a no-brainer for any business with ‘events’ in a brand name – and I’m sure it’s useful to anyone running them! You’ll also be able to use this new address in tandem with your existing web address – so it’s not like having to tell everyone you’ve moved office.

There is a darker side to this as well – and without wishing to cause mass hysteria – it may be worth considering protecting your brand or trademark by snapping up the domain name before someone else tries to – as it might be easier (and cheaper) than trying to take them to court.

You can pre-register the new gTLD’s already from practically any hosting company across the globe. We use Vidahost, but your existing hosting company may well offer them.

Do you think that the .events gTDL is likely to be more memorable and improve the experience for your visitors and exhibitors on the web? Let me know your thoughts below.

Sam Nicholls is the Marketing Manager for tfconnect global recruitment. For more news and updates, follow tfconnect global recruitment on LinkedIn.


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