Our Six New Year’s Resolutions for a Happy and Healthy 2018

It’s January and we’ve all decided on our #newyearsresolutions. They say that you’re more likely to stick to your resolutions if you’re transparent and allow yourself to be held accountable for them. So here we are with the tfconnect team’s six big personal challenges for 2018.

Trim the fat

Owen: It’s a classic – my resolution this year is just to lose a little bit of excess weight – and by ‘a little bit’ I mean my target is two stone… I’ve started my new gym membership already.

Alison: My resolution is to not have “Lose Weight” as next year’s resolution. It’s easy to let the goal fall by the wayside a few weeks in to the New Year so 2018 is all about sticking to it. The plan is to run more!

Trevor: Mine is to lose weight for the first time in my life… 3kg!

Make the most of friends and family

Mike: I’d like to make sure that I spend enough quality time with my wife and 5-month-old daughter in 2018. Last year was hectic and it was our first baby, so now that we’re settling in to being a ‘3’ instead of a ‘2’, it’s important to me that I dedicate enough time to being at home and enjoying it.

Sarah: My New Year resolution is to be less selfish with my time and give more of myself to other people. I feel like I look for ways to avoid spending time with people, instead I need to say ‘yes’ to things more.

Jon: Alongside the New Year challenge of starting my new job here at tfconnect, I’d like to spend more time with family in 2018.

Get off the grid once a week

Sam: I’m hoping to get rid of the constant distraction that comes from endless notifications and a plethora of social media channels. It’s not just bad for productivity – it has been shown to increase stress levels and impact your health.

I’m planning on taking at least one day a week off from any form of social media, disabling notifications and only using the internet for creative or productive purposes. Not an easy task for a Marketing Manager!

Ditch the cigarettes

Owen: I had a bad cold over the Christmas period and didn’t fancy smoking at all, so it’s a good time to try and kick the habit. I’ve smoked for years and have tried to give up before but always fallen off the wagon.

I’ll miss nipping out for a fag but I’m now hoping tfconnect might follow the lead of this Japanese company and start rewarding non-smokers with extra holiday.

Food prep every week

Mike: I’ve never been a fan of buying lunch if I can help it – and being in offices located in a small village makes it even harder to find affordable, reasonably healthy grub at lunchtimes.

My commitment for 2018 is to consistently prepare lunches at home. It means I’ll eat better, healthier food and could save me up to £1000 during the course of the year.

Make a commitment to sit still for no longer than an hour at a time

Sam: Sitting at a desk all day clearly isn’t good for you, it slows down your metabolism, it’s no good for digestion, gives you a pain in the neck and even increases your risk of serious diseases like heart disease and cancer.

Getting up and about for ten minutes every hour makes all the difference and will hopefully put me in better condition during the coming year!

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