Running 100 Miles in 24 Hours for Namuwongo

As far as crazy fundraising ideas go, this is one sets a fairly high watermark. In June, Michael Seaman, Portfolio Director at Clarion Events will be taking part in an amazing 24-hour endurance test (aptly named Endure 24) which will see him attempt to run 100 miles in a single day.

This will involve many, many laps of a single 5-mile course – the end result being the same as running from London to Brighton… and back again… in 24 hours. Michael seems calm enough and is training hard for the ordeal – he’s even finding time to keep a training diary detailing his intense regime, it’s an interesting and inspiring read!

Why would anyone do this to themselves?

The most important bit, of course, is that this is all in aid of events industry charity, Events For Namuwongo. If you’re not already up to speed, the money our industry has generated has done amazing things for this community in Kampala – providing basic sanitation, to education and everything in between, immeasurably improving the lives of its many residents.

Events For Namuwongo’s ongoing work needs people like Michael to keep pushing for further support. Please do donate whatever you can to keep him motivated.

Donate Now

If you or your team are planning on doing something amazing and want to raise money for Events For Namuwongo – you can get involved by emailing Alison Scott at tfconnect.

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