Meet tfconnect’s New Deputy MD – Paul Chalwin

The warmest of welcomes to our new Deputy MD, Paul Chalwin, who joined the business this month.

Paul is new to the events industry but has huge experience in talent and recruitment. We asked him for a little background info…

Where did you come from? Tell us a bit about your background.

Prior to joining tfconnect I have always worked around the Commercial Sales world, placing candidates into all walks of life and all kinds of businesses. I started my recruitment career as a ‘Perms Consultant’ for Select Appointments (now global giant, Randstad) after 8 years with them I have held positions within a couple of smaller businesses, which I tend to prefer to work in as I enjoy the boutique element to this.

They say good things come in threes – as a Dad to identical triplets (all boys, plus a fourth older brother!), how far do you agree??

I was never one for clichés but yes I do agree, my triplets were also born on Friday 13th since then the number 13 has been very lucky for me – and I have become somewhat superstitious.

You may be an expert in the recruitment world but you’re new to our industry. What was your perception of the events world as an ‘outsider’ and what events would we have spotted you at in the past?

I’ve been to many events over the years as a visitor, within my first week at tfconnect I have already realised how much is taken for granted. I just didn’t understand the huge logistics in making an event go live and how there appears to be an event for almost everything! From running to allergies to springs to oil tanks! It’s an amazing world and the amount of people involved in making these events work really excites me.

You would have certainly seen me at many recruitment expos over the years, it’s great to see the latest ideas, tech, systems etc on what the recruitment industry is providing to candidates and clients.

What’s your philosophy on life?

Take nothing for granted, never let the ego take over, look after your family, make lots of friends and drink ale!

What can we get you from the bar at the next industry ‘do’?

I am an avid real ale drinker, but if that’s not available, a G&T please.

Finally, what’s the plan for your role here at tfconnect?

To create opportunity for all involved in the business – by that I mean our team, our candidates and our clients. I’m here to learn and help the business grow. I’ve just started a hugely exciting journey where we have lots to do but not forget the great things we have already achieved.

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