Meet Jon Hale – Recruitment Consultant

One of tfconnect’s new recruits for 2018 is Jon Hale – a switched-on, confident salesperson with razor-sharp wit. Jon will specialise in managing mid-level vacancies for our venue clients.

Where did you come from? Tell us a bit about your background

I’ve come from a Sales background, selling all sorts really. Corporate Hospitality, Retail and Finance products. My dad was in sales and from seeing him come home most evenings as a child either beaming or pulling his hair out I was intrigued to know what the world of sales was about. So every job I have had since school was within sales!

What perception do you have of the events industry so far and what events would we have spotted you at in the past?

My perception of the Events Industry is simple, it’s a global phenomenon that never sleeps!  The events I would have been at in my past would mainly be sporting ones. Having worked for Keith Prowse (part of Compass Group) for over 6 years I understood the importance of events, how they are run and managed and also how much fun they can be. On the exhibitions side, I would have been spotted at Olympia for the Ideal Home Show due to the other half bugging me to get tickets there.

Apparently, we may have smelt your influence before at venues and hotels around the country. How is this possible?

I worked for the world’s leading Scent Marketing company where hotels, retailers, private healthcare and venues came to us to enhance their customer/guest/patient experience through the power of smell!

While in the past, popular fragrances would have been warm bread, coffee beans and fresh flowers – things have moved on a little bit. The high-tech fragrance systems I sold delivered the likes of Golden Bamboo, White Tea & Thyme and event Sandalwood Vanilla to create the all important first impression.

Seeing as you’ve worked with our Deputy MD, Paul Chalwin, before… what embarrassing stories or bad habits does Paul have that you can share with us?

I’ve known Paul for nearly 10 years now, having first met him at a friend’s wedding and it was there that he planted the seed about recruitment (I think due to the fact that I can sit on a table of complete strangers and talk to everyone) so he clearly thought recruitment is the industry for me. He tried for around 7 years to get me to work with him and as of last year he succeeded. To be honest I haven’t got a lot of dirt to give on him, one thing that first sprung to mind is that every morning he sits at his desk from arriving at work, takes his glasses off and rubs his eyes like he has only that second woken up! ( I think it comes from having 4 young children) also, he hardly ever makes a brew…

What’s your philosophy on life?

I haven’t got a philosophy as such, just to make sure you’re happy in what you’re doing and try to make life as un-complicated as possible.

What can we get you from the bar at the next industry ‘do’?

I have quite a few drinks of choice, so next time at the bar you can choose from either a G&T, Espresso Martini or an Old Fashioned.

Finally, what’s the plan for your role here at tfconnect?

My plan here at tfconnect is to work closely with the accounts I have, provide them with the best candidates possible and build lasting relationships. For the time being, I’m looking after vacancies within venues, so I’m looking to meet with hiring managers at as many UK and international venues as possible. I love to win new business so a large chunk of my first 6 months will be securing new roles where I can.

If you’d like to get in touch with Jon – you can reach him at or via our office number: +44 (0) 1442 818 005.

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