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£70000 – £100000 Per Annum

Ref: 1605

A fantastic opportunity for an eager and ambitious Event/Portfolio Director to work on a high profile event.  You will need to be motivated with previous experience in B2B exhibitions.

The Role:

The successful candidate will have worked and developed events at a high level.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Exciting opportunity to work on a hugely successful event
  • Management, development and mentoring a team of 6
  • Chance to build on the existing success of the portfolio and ensure continued growth
  • Maintain and develop existing relationships with exhibitors and sponsors
  • Develop strategies, build plans for growth and development of shows
  • Budget management including event P&L ownership
  • Working with contractors and exhibitors to produce a high level, quality events
  • Managing time and prioritising
  • Self-motivation and management of workload
  • Work closely with the management team
  • Would suit an ambitious Event Director looking to progress to the next level

Key Requirements:

  • Existing experience working within exhibitions and events at Event Director level
  • Create and develop new ideas for the event with a proven track record of managing large scale events
  • Passionate about growth and launch experience
  • Excellent management and communication skills
  • Ability to display a professional standard and approach
  • A creative style with entrepreneurial spirit
  • Ability to work to deadlines and under pressure
  • Experience in either B2B shows
  • Open and flexible to new ideas and processes
  • Flexible and with a passion for continuous improvement
  • Commercial and strategically minded

Why this is a great opportunity:

  • Starting salary between £70-100K
  • A business with an entrepreneurial style who invest heavily in the development and progression of its work force
  • Exciting and vibrant culture