Insurance isn’t a dull subject in this weather!

Having to make a last minute call to cancel a show you’ve been working on all year is very tough… ask Austen Hawkins, MD of F2F Events who had to do that last week with the Allergy & Free From Show in Glasgow!

Of course, if the exhibitors, the contractors and the visitors cannot get there – let alone half of the organiser team and a difficult decision ensues.

The only good news is that if you are properly insured, the pain is hugely mitigated.

There are two scenarios…

If, as an Organiser, you have the right cover, the insurer will quickly work with you to return the money to cover your revenue so that you can still pay your budgeted costs and you will be reimbursed any lost gate money too. This allows you to have a conversation with the Exhibitors about rebooking their stand at no extra cost to help you ensure that there is a show next year!

Even better, if you provide your exhibitors with an events sector dedicated master insurance policy that they could participate in, they would actually get a refund of their costs from the Insurer, soon after the decision to cancel the show has been made (subject to the policy limits). Moreover, it means that you the Organiser keep the money you received from the exhibitors AND the policy will also provide you with a revenue stream to cover any extra administration.

tfconnect works in partnership with InEvexco and a long list of organisers to make sure the right insurance is in place for instances such as last week’s snow! ❄☃

Obviously there are terms and conditions that apply to this sort of cover but please get in touch with them if you’d like to know more – contact

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