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How to use “Advocate Marketing” to multiply your visitors via social networks

We organisers like visitors to do two things once they’ve registered for our events – spread the word, and then show up on the day! Having recently partnered with social marketing software provider, InGo – we’ve been learning about how the social reach of our own attendees can be used to generate more, better quality registrations for both conference delegates and exhibitions visitors – as well as improving attendance rates. Without getting into too much of the technical detail – here’s how it all works:

Advocacy is powerful

Organisers can tell us to book, but we tend to be far more receptive when friends or peers tell us, in person or via social media, that they’re planning on attending an event.

In fact, part of the problem with marketing events is ‘list fatigue’. You exhaust your prospect list by hammering them with ‘Book, book, book!’ only to start the process all over again the following cycle. You also have the problem of constantly finding creative ways to generate new data, or your list will stagnate.

Tapping into the social networks of your attendees can give you access to an exponentially larger audience beyond your own data

You can do this in the following ways:

  1. Firstly, enable your visitors to register for your event using their social media profiles. This makes registration quicker and easier, and opens the door to your attendees’ networks.
  2. Make it easy for visitors to share their attendance and encourage them to invite their friends as part of the registration process.This makes sense for your visitors (because it’s much more more fun going to a show with pals) and it makes sense for you because it means that invitations to your show are being distributed to real people by real people, carrying the weight of a personal recommendation.
  3. Begin to identify who knows whom within your existing data and use this to keep your prospects informed.Often there’s an, ‘I’ll go if you go’ mentality amongst prospects, particularly with networking events. With some clever additions to your website and email marketing campaigns, you can make sure that your prospects notice that their peers are attending.

The result? More registrations for a start. Plus, this approach has also been shown to increase attendance rates. The reason is simple – people are simply more likely to show up if they’ve agreed to meet friends or peers at the show. This of course means happier exhibitors and increased revenue!

Take a look at the tech

This technology is unique to InGo and well worth your time exploring. If you’d like to find out more – get in touch with Sam Nicholls at tfconnect. Call +44 (0)1442 289 926 or email


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