How to choose the best Event Industry Insurance Broker…

We all need it but no-one wants to use it!

In the busy world of a large-scale event organiser, insurance runs the risk of coming as something of an afterthought. Of course, no-one wants to pay over-the-odds for insurance and so the final decision on who provides and brokers your insurance will invariably be made on the basis of cost. However, when you next come to review your PSL – have you considered all of the following?

Are they truly an events specialist?

It’s a complex affair when an organiser and multitude of contractors and suppliers converge on a venue to create a show. There’s a huge benefit in choosing a broker who already understands what each of these businesses do, knows the intricacies and risks involved with certain specialist events and has a track-record in providing a cost-effective solution for businesses in our industry.

Insurers value a broker’s desire to understand a client’s operation and this can impact the rate you end up with as well as your experience if you need to make a claim.

What’s the after-service like?

IF you do need to claim – the last thing you need is for your broker to run for the hills. Your broker may have the cheapest product on the market – but do they come recommended for when the worst does happen? If they are absent when it really matters, cheapest has just become very expensive!

You need to know that someone will take positive action and provide valuable guidance in the event of a claim. They should advise on how to construct and present a claim and then negotiate on your behalf in order to achieve a fair and reasonable settlement.

Are they flexible enough?

Many of the organisers we know operate at varying levels of scale and run a range of show types from boutique shows to giant behemoths. Is your broker capable of handling all creatures great and small with the same level of effectiveness and value for money?

In short – it’s well worth your time in investigating these products, seeking recommendation when you consider the insurance provider for your next event or event schedule.

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