Did your events business change lives last year?

It’s important that, with all the amazing fundraising that our industry has undertaken to support the community of Namuwongo, Uganda, that those who have donated understand how this money is being used to transform the lives of people in the region.

The latest Events for Namuwongo report for September 2016 – January 2017, gives details of what an amazing £47,496 of fundraising money has achieved in the past year – and we’ve only spent half of that so far!

What it’s like to grow up in Namuwongo

Around 5,000 to 9,000 children are growing up in Namuwongo slum, one of Uganda’s toughest and poorest places.

Many families have no secure, regular incomes and struggle to meet the basic essentials of food, shelter and clothing. Conservative estimates are that 40% of people live on less than $1 a day!

With parents who earn so little, children are often drawn into petty trading or any kind of work to help feed themselves and their family. This means that many miss school and even when the children aren’t working, there aren’t enough good, government funded schools to keep kids in education. In one area of Namuwongo, only 300 out of 2,600 children were found to be at school.

What did Events For Namuwongo do to change this in 2016?

Just a few of the amazing achievements outlined in the report:

  • In 2016, the events industry directly supported 153 children (85 girls and 68 boys) and their families. 18 of these children are living and caring for themselves and siblings because their parents are gone
  • We provided regular food packages to 11 children whose parents haven’t been able to provide a full meal each day, and emergency food supplies to a further 42
  • We improved the income for a group of parents by providing savings and loan schemes, allowing them to make money for themselves and build a sustainable future
  • 20 of 22 children in the Walk to School programme sat and passed their Primary leaving exam in December. A massive achievement considering the challenges they face!
  • Built and stocked a library in the office compound – which the children have reacted to by organising their own management and rules!
  • Going into 2017, we have 55 children at Primary School with 11 in their final year and 89 now in Secondary School.
  • Providing training and awareness sessions for parents, Safe Clubs and all sorts of ways in order to prevent and dress issues of emotional abuse, neglect and sexual exploitation – a challenging and emotional task for the team.

Read the full details here:

Download the Report

To get involved in fundraising for Namuwongo – just email Alison Scott at tfconnect – alison@tfconnect.co.uk.

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