Can insurance be interesting?

Q:  Can insurance be interesting? – Part I

A:  Yes, when a single event policy six month cost is £92,000 cheaper than the original quote from another insurer.

This very month a tfconnect / InEvexco client in a JV with another organiser had been quoted £270k for a six month policy from a very large Insurance Broker. InEvexco were able to quote on the same level of cover for £178k, a cool £92k / 34% saving over 6 months. The JV is a 5 year deal which means a saving of close to £1m over the 5 years.  That’s pretty insurance interesting! J

Q:  Can insurance be interesting? – Part II

A:  Yes, when it defines whether your headline sponsor shows up or not!

A recent Brand Events launch was just a few hours from opening and one the main sponsors was about to start a wine tasting session. Then, a 4.30pm Friday afternoon call from the sponsor’s US HQ declared that they needed to be insured on the organisers’ policy… and there was “no way” the wine tasting could go ahead without the right cover in place.

The organisers called tfconnect’s insurance partner InEvexco asking that the appropriate insurance cover be placed within the hour!! How many insurance brokers would be available to both take and action such a call so late on Friday?? In short it was “mission accomplished” for a very grateful organiser. The show was saved and it went on to become a very successful launch event. Interesting huh!

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