Adding extra ‘wow’ factor to your CV using a LinkedIn and Microsoft Word integration

Your CV is already great. It’s professional but not stuffy, it’s detailed but concise, and it’s formatted, proofed and searchable for all relevant key words. But… what have your events industry counterparts included in their CV’s that you haven’t?

It’s often the finer details that can make others’ CV’s more searchable and give them a competitive edge upon introduction – which could mean that you miss out.

Now, LinkedIn is about to make it easy to uncover those small tweaks that your CV may sorely need. The tool comes in the form of an upcoming plugin for Microsoft Word that brings the power of LinkedIn data to your word processor.

The plugin is still up-and-coming but here are three simple ways that it’ll come in handy:

Keep things consistent

The plugin makes it easier to match your CV with what’s on your LinkedIn profile. Keeping both up-to-date with the same information means that recruiters and hiring managers have the best possible chance of picking you up for the right position.

Gain inspiration from other events professionals

While you’re writing and updating your CV, LinkedIn will display ideas and insights from other users in your chosen role and industry. You’ll be able to see how they’ve chosen to represent themselves and what details they’ve included – ensuring that you’re not unwittingly trumped by a better-written CV.

Match your CV to jobs you’re interested in

You’ll also be able to browse the required skill sets for jobs that you’d like to apply for and highlight where your CV matches the brief. This is a great way to make quick checks for elements that might preclude you from appearing on CV database searches.


The plugin is currently only available for Microsoft Insiders but will be available for Microsoft Office 365 customers in the coming months. In the meantime, there’s no reason you can’t apply the same principles to your CV writing. Why not give it a try?


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